Thursday, November 4, 2010

Said bike looks like this kinda

This is the bike I mention below. Sorta. This one looks better.

1st post(yippy)

As I sit and enjoy a Great Lake's Christmas ale, I am thinking about why Erin O'Brien sucks as much as she does. And man there are a lot of reason's. But, as this is the first post, I'll get into that later. A little something about me.
      I am a male, 43, 44 in 9 days.  I have no kids, and I have been with the same woman since 1985. I live in the Cleveland are, but I have also lived in Australia, New Zealand and visited a slew of other countries, and I've been to 49 states.   At this point in time I am unemployed, and I look for work everyday. Let me tell you, it's not pretty out there. In fact it sucks. I think of myself as a conservative, but on a good amount of issue's I am in the middle. There are nut jobs on both sides.
      Fucking Erin. As I read her blog, I really worry about the people that use her words as a owner's manual.  I see her "peeps" as a bike with one tire sideways on the fork,  the other only a rim, the chain around the handle bars, and no seat. You can picture where the pole that the seat is on is inserted.
      I need to get another beer, let the dog's out, and make dinner. More to come.